03 May 2017

Gilera 150 5V Arcore Brochure

Brochure for the Gilera 150 5V Arcore. Originally printed in Italy, then the specifications and details of the local importer; Queensland Motor Scooters PTY. LTD, printed on the brochure in Brisbane, Australia. The specifications are listed in a mixture of metric and imperial, this was common in Australia at the time.

The Italian version is pictured with the gear shift on the right side, Australian version is on the left and had Aprilia indicators. [here]

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Gilera 50 Trial Brochure

Brochure for the Gilera 50 Trial bike. [here]

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20 January 2017

Phillip Harrington Photograph of Motorcycles and Scooters. Rome 1955

This photograph is by Phillip Harrington for 'Look' magazine. My (inexperienced) guess from front to rear:
1. Lambretta 150 LD (with aftermarket parts)
2. Vespa 150GS (?) (with aftermarket parts)
3. Bianchi (type unknown)
4. Vespa 150GS (?)
5. MV Agusta (with aftermarket parts, bikini fairing)
6. Lambretta 150 D 'Sport' (with aftermarket parts)
7. Lambretta 150 LD (with long range tank)
8. Unknown motorcycle (with aftermarket parts)

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05 November 2016

Lambretta 48 'Junior', 150LD 'Deluxe' & 150D 'Sport' from Bennett and Wood Ltd, Brisbane Australia

Brochure for the 1957 Lambretta 48 'Junior', 150LD 'Deluxe' & 150D 'Sport' from Bennett and Wood Ltd, Brisbane Australia. [here]

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Gilera 125 5V & 150 5V Arcore Service Station Manual and Parts Catalogue

Gilera 125 5V & 150 5V Arcore service station manual (in Italian) and parts manual (in Italian, French & English), text can be searched. [here]

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05 January 2016

Moto Guzzi Motoleggera

More of the beautifully preserved Moto Guzzi Cardellino Motoleggera at the 2015 Festival of Italian Motorcycles. Note the original fascetta in steel, not aluminium.

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