15 July 2009

The Mad Max Trike - Honda 750 "Cyclops"

From a 1994 auction catalogue:

"While the custom cycling craze swept America in the early 1970's, Australian motor cycling was still more influenced by the British fashion for cafe racers and it was not until the mid 1970s that specially prepared "choppers", with long forks and low seats began to make their appearance at cycling shows and on the roads. Enthusiasts used a broad variety of components to construct their somewhat outrageous new machines, some featuring Japanese engines and others preferring European or American power units. The Japanese engines were perhaps more easily available a point when Japanese manufacturers had all but entirely captured the Australia market for less expensive commuter machines."

"A small number of specialist workshops appeared to cater for those with highly individual tastes and several very special motorcycles were built to order for exhibition purposes. The "Cyclops", a unique Honda Powered combination using car rear wheel, only one of which is driven, was completed by 1977 by Cycle Gear in Melbourne. Built primarily as a show machine, the bike however has always been fully road registered. Using all Australian components excepting the engine, the "Cyclops" features an all metal wedge shaped sidecar with a perspex bubble cover enclosing the prospective passenger. Broad louvers in the front ventilate the cabin and the top is electrically operated using a converted power aerial motor. Construction was undertaken by Lance Seadon and Bob Allen and completed with deep red paintwork and gold leafing by Lance Seadon. The machine has appeared television commercials for an oil company and has won a number of custom show awards. Notably, it was used in a key sequence of the Australian cult movie, Mad Max (one) and it is in this role that it is usually recognised."

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