26 April 2015

Lambretta 150D & LD Abarth Silencer

A word of caution: The packing material used in silencer's from this era was probably asbestos and is extremely hazardous. This also applies to brake linings and exhaust gaskets. The decision to do any work on these components must be made with this in mind.

Caustic Soda is extremely dangerous. Using it requires protective equipment and multiple safety considerations.

Abarth in their early years made sports silencers for Lambretta model D & LD's. This example was in poor condition and and at some stage it had been repaired using a header from a stock silencer.

The main thing required was a thorough de-coke. They were not made to be disassembled so the lower skin was removed (see caution above) and the silencer was submerged multiple times in a caustic soda solution to remove all traces of coking. Pipemasters, a motorcycle exhaust specialist (best known for their Honda CBX1000 pipes) sealed the bulkheads and re-skinned the lower half.

An Abarth silencer advertisement for the Piaggio Vespa from Moto Ciclismo (September 1954).

IGM (Ispettorato Generale Motorizzazione) stamp.

Manufacture date (?)


Coking removed from pipe.

Internal bulkheads, after cleaning, stock header.

Far left, at front - silencer for Lambretta D & LD.

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14 April 2015

Lambretta Wheel Rim Failure During Tyre Change

This wheel is from a 1955 Lambretta 150D and the original (Australian made) Olympic tyre had to be changed due to its age. When inflating; after re-assembling the wheel with a new tube and tyre, two of the three studs failed (see photographs below).

Even at the recommended pressure (14 - 25 psi) a failure of the studs and explosive separation of the rim halves is dangerous.

Its possible that sometime in the past the stud nuts were over tightened 'necking' the studs which may have weakened the 'T' section of the stud.

Disassembly (original 'sand beige 8029')

Stud bore


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03 April 2015

Lambretta 150D & LD Owners Manual in English

Owners manual for the Innocenti Lambretta 150D & LD, English language. Printed by Stab. Pol. G. Colombi S.P.A. Text can be searched. The illustration above is by Franco Mosca. [Here]

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