30 July 2015

Dell'Orto Carburettor Information Sheets

Instructions for assembly and tuning early 1950's Dell'Orto Carburettors and information sheets for the Dell'Orto RC SC RD RE, UA - B and SSI carburettors here.

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17 July 2015

Lambretta 150D / LD Flywheel Puller by Buzzetti

An M27 x 1.25 puller is required to remove the flywheel of the Lambretta 150 D / LD and Buzzetti, the Italian tool maker manufacture this size amongst others. GPS Imports were able to deliver one overnight and if you are in Australia, cheaper than you could import it for.

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05 July 2015

Dell'Orto MA19B4 Overhaul

The Dell'Orto MA19B4 for the Lambretta 150D needed an overhaul and Adam from Italian Motor Magazine recommended Eurocarb for parts. If you cant see your particular Dell'Orto on their website, use the Dell'Orto part number in the search box.

Eurocarb sell British made Trumpet / Velocity Stacks. The Dell'Orto MA19B4 has a locating dowel for the stock 'tipo F14' filter housing, this will not interfere with the Trumpet. The machining is very good and the thread form (M32 x 1.25) is firm without binding.

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